The journey to healing from intercourse dependency is incredibly challenging. It can be difficult to produce it actually when a individual has a solid personal responsibility and a strong help group. It is therefore exceedingly important that people that have sex addiction have a sponsor.Sponsorship is a common factor in twelve stage programs and represents a significant position in the recovery process.

The mentor makes the journey to healing a joint work involving the sponsor and the addict. It is designed to remove the isolation that therefore profoundly affects people who have intercourse addiction. Sponsors perform a vital role sponsorki the successful healing of people who are dealing with an addition, be it a intercourse dependency, drug, or liquor related addiction.

In accordance with Sex Fans Unknown (SAA), “A sponsor is a person in the fellowship who works as a guide to functioning this program of SAA - a fellow abuser can depend upon for support. Ultimately, a sponsor is abstinent from addictive sexual conduct, did the measures, and may train us what he or she has learned from functioning the program.


We can study from a sponsor’s knowledge, struggles, successes, and mistakes. Our mentor might help explain plan fundamentals, such as how to establish our sexual sobriety. Above all, sponsors guide us through the Twelve Steps.”As you can see, a sponsor is someone who works as a partner in the addict’s recovery. The mentor can be an impartial individual in the addict’s life.

This will allow the addict to make a reliable connection together with his sponsor. It is essential since the addict will not have the burden of guilt, waste or embarrassment with a mentor as he might have with his family or friends. In this respect, the mentor will be able to help the abuser sort out these thoughts since he’s been there at one point in his living as well.

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