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How I Developed an All Electrical Three Wheeled Trike

A good many hours were spent preparing each and every step of the work. Many evenings, number real perform development was made at all but each and every piece of the trike would have to be detail by detail in order maybe not to produce more mistakes and miscues than we needed to. Our layout needed a reasonably thin buttocks assembly as a complete measured car would be too wide.

A Toyota collection was only the answer. It was in ratio to the trike and the very best part was it had been clear of the endangering yard. We took the rear apart, sand cranked it and then did the re-assembly. Many layers of red color later it had been something of beauty. The trunk along side a couple of leaf springs cannibalized from still another truck, built rising the whole rear end quite simple.


Ray included some leaf spring hangers to the base frame and four bolts later we had a rear in the trike. We plumped for a stock 750 Honda front hand with extensive pipes and heavier rises to carry the fat of the bike. Applying a share top end made bars and other components a snap to support and yes it looked good. The trike was today on all of it’s three amazon review.

Generator energy was next so I spent some lots of time examining simply how much power various sized electrical motors or turbines could produce. An electric generator when given outside power, becomes a really efficient motor. A buddy owned an plane components factory and had a lot of generators from previous WW2 aircraft.


Checking with manufacturer we found that if furnished with twelve volts the turbine can create up to ninety horsepower. That’s real horsepower. A formula we found compares one power of electrical to three horsepower of a gas engine. Which means our thirty horsepower electrical engine was exactly like utilizing a ninety power gasoline motor.

The greatest huge difference was our generator considered about twenty three pounds. A straightforward flat menu welded to the the top of buttocks housing, several bolts and toothed push gear and we had our travel train complete. The whole bottom section beneath the seat was laid out to put up twelve, serious sump six volt maritime batteries. An aboard charger was invisible underneath the rear terrace place above a corner end.

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